A practical game for intelligent and valor people determined to get blood out of a stone

By | April 7, 2017

Video games are not the only means of getting entertained. There are a good many other choices to enjoy your time thoroughly. There are some games you need to get out of your house to be a part of them.

Newcastle Crystal Maze Themed Escape Game (3)You might have played a wide range of practical games back in the day, but the game that we bring you today, we are sure you may have never ever enjoyed before. The game is quite new but it is based on an ancient idea of an Egyptian king who stored his precious property in a temple that he gets built in the desert hidden under the heaps of sands, and with that; he takes out of the box measures to protect the temple, in case someone accidently comes across it. The aim was to avoid people to get access to the treasure except for the intelligent and valor people.

This was the central idea of the game with a few well-chosen words. Before we say more about the game, it is informative to visit nevergiveupnewcastle.co.uk.

Well, as the first thing, you will have to arrange a group of people who are physically healthy, fit and strong to cope with all the challenges in a way that each challenge is a tough nut to crack. Remember, it’s not a game of chicken hearted people.

The game is so much interesting that you will feel able to play it again and again. As the game requires cerebral intelligence and physical strength as well, so pregnant girls aren’t advised to play this game as it also involves climbing up, abseiling down, crossing the deserts and much more in a way that once you’ve played this game, you no longer need any exercises. What are you thinking about – a penny for your thoughts?