Ideas for planning a girls SPA party

By | March 18, 2017 spa partyThere are few ways to go with party ideas when you are planning on getting together or mobile spa parties vancouver. You can all chip at once, rent a limo and go wandering in the town… or somebody could host a very special Girls Night In. And in the thehectic world of today, who would not wish a relaxing –and less expensive– spa day in? However, a spa day could be as easy as a chance for you and your friends to have to get together and go back to such magical time when you were young girls, and play beauty parlor or hiring a masseur and also a manicurist. So leave men for some time out and let us mobile spa parties vancouver started!

The first thing is to remember to relax always! After all, that’s a spa day. Always keep the food light and simple. Frozen mini quiches and also finger foods and appetizers are an order of the day.Fancy Salad Ideas for the Party; salad is a girlie food to serve for a mobile spa parties vancouver night in. Just ensure to put dressings on the side and keep dressings light. Serving something such as a Caprese salad and few of the aforesaid appetizers is just a ticket, as a salad could be made before time and tastes even better as it properly marinates in vinaigrette.

Make the type of salad has been made by using cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, olive oil and also balsamic vinegar, or try a Greek twist to such, and try to use feta cheese, skip basil, and use an oregano and lemon vinaigrette for a refreshing change. Toss the salad gently and add the vinaigrette at last minute. Either way, such would be a hit.And the best part is that your food would be as unforgettable as rest of the party!For dessert, again, take benefits of what a grocery store already has in available stock. Look at bakery department. These days they’re getting into high-end pastries. And they’re yummy!